For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future
Femdom Empire 553 fate of a useless slave

2015-01-20 Tue 23:03
Slave, you are not useful anymore.
Now, say your prayer.
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Femdom Empire 552 SLAP!

2014-09-21 Sun 09:17
Did I say bite there, slave?
Do what I've spoken to you.
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Femdom empire 551 threatening

2014-09-20 Sat 10:08
Open your mouth wide, slave.
If you spilled down some drops, your term in chastity would double.

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Femdom Empire 550 new slave

2014-09-18 Thu 12:06
'Madame is waiting for you in her torture chamber.
You have no right to refuse it because you are her property.
I want to advice you.
In any case, whether you accept the reality or not, you must behave as obedient as you can in the torture chamber.
If you want to avoid receiving much pain.

Here we go!'

'Welcome to my room, slave.'
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Femdom Empire 549 a poster of Ministry of Female Health

2014-09-16 Tue 23:49
purity.jpgMaintaining cleanness around genitals after excretion or excitation has crucial importance to physical health and aesthetic beauty of female genitalia.
As written in our old myth, Slave's gentle tongues were created as the efficient cleaners and their saliva as robust purification solution by the almighty Goddess.
Keep using slaves' tongue, be healthy and beauty.
Department of Female Health

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Femdom Empire 548 imperial pleasure

2014-09-16 Tue 23:01
revenge.jpgAfter unconditional surrender of the last partisan of Earthian males, Earthian and Moman females continued summoning  and torturing of male suspects who had not yet abandoned egalitarian ideology.
Wearing glossy black  Moman style uniforms, which exposing their poking nipples erecting on abundant breasts proudly, they tortured suspects without any limitation.
By brutal violence, wicked sexual abuses and illogical deceiving, they overpowered  the Earthian males both mentally and physically one after another.
Among such experiences, many Earthian females learned the sweet taste of oppressor's imperial pleasure.
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Femdom Empire 547 show of a bitch

2014-09-16 Tue 18:06
tumblr_nbfrf9ZNkv1tlnrm7o1_400.gifBeyond the curtain, the guests are waiting beginning our show.
They are ultra sadistic and insatiable girls from Mother Star.
If you can entertain them, you would survive until tomorrow.
If you failed to do so, they would play with your dead body.

Anyway, it's about time to start your show.
Heel me, bitch.
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Femdom Empire 546 annoying feeding

2014-09-16 Tue 16:31
time10 (2)'Eat faster!'
Trampled her dog's head onto his feed bowl, Mistress ordered irritatingly.
She could not bear his sluggish action.
Smoking annoyingly, she thought about her torture chamber, in which she made her favorite cock slave to wait her to serve fresh cock milk into her mouth directly.
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Femdom Empire 545 pleasure of slave torturing

2014-09-15 Mon 06:19
A couple of Moman officers enjoyed interrogating an Earthian male POW.
Until the poor slave confessed his crime, he would receive extreme pain endlessly.
Only for satisfying evil and lewd desires, young female officers trampled on a poor Earthian male.

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Femdom Empire 544 strict order

2014-08-24 Sun 09:21
Come closer, slave.
Entertain me with your cock and fingers.
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Femdom Empire 543 culling a pet

2014-07-13 Sun 04:40
tumblr_n3l1kyjIQC1sdgmizo1_400.jpgOn the Mother Star, culling useless pet is an exciting pastime for young ladies.
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Femdom Empire 542 feasting a slave's tongue

2014-07-13 Sun 04:17
tumblr_masslwkuiD1ql2s2no1_500.jpg To feast a guest with a slave's tongue is a common custom of the ladies of the Empire.
Most of the women never hesitate to taste a new slave's skillful tongue  with their asshole or pussy mounds.
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Femdom Empire 541 first order to a new virgin slave

2014-07-13 Sun 01:18
Wank with your hand now, slave.
Show me the real size of your cock.
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Femdom Empire 540 gigantic dildo

2014-06-26 Thu 10:23
"Wait a minute, bitch.
I'm going to tear through your anal by my lovely dick soon."

Mistress slightly giggled joyfully when she admitted sparkles of horror in the eye of her helpless victim.
His eyes riveted to her gigantic dildo which glistened by sticky lotion.

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Femdom Empire 539 an entartainment of a party

2014-06-25 Wed 09:58
m.jpgAt a party, ladies wearing vogue black dress and boots tortured a slave as an entertainment.
In fact, there were nothing more suitable music for a social party than sounds of weep and cry of slaves.
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Femdom Empire 538 annual payment for a slave

2014-06-25 Wed 08:43
Slave, I inform you a good news.
As annual payment for your labor, I give you a chance to worship my yummy pussy with your mouth.
Poke your tongue here and try to make me cum.
If you failed to make enough quality orgasm in time, you would receive severe punishment as compensation.
Do it now, slave.
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Femdom Empire 537 words to new slave to execution

2014-06-23 Mon 11:47
tumblr_n70jd1PWm71txo396o1_500.jpgWelcome to my reception room, slave.
From now, you are my owned sex slave.
I possess you. So I have the right of your execution perfectly lawfully.
If you want to survive here for more days, you should obey all of my orders without any hesitation.

Beyond the door, there are a lot of funny toys and useful apparatus. Moreover, my daring merciless maids was waiting for you whipping at the floors and rubbing their lovely pink clits.

Heel me, slave.

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Femdom Empire 536 from slave stable to private surgery

2014-06-22 Sun 08:25
Your cock is too bored to entertain a woman.
So I decided to plant on your cock some pretty metal studs.
You will be a charming sex slave instead of a little bit pain.
Now, heel me.
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Femdom Empire 535 enjoyable duty

2014-04-30 Wed 06:48
Training new virgin boys was enjoyable duty of Moman ladies.
From large herds of slaves, this lady finally found a favorite slave.
She ordered sternly the boy to get closer.
At this moment, an innocent and pure slave boy got to fated to taste living hell to her own evil pleasure.
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Femdom Empire 534 sweet reward

2014-04-16 Wed 07:06
0_2014041621054187f.jpg Taste well and swallow my sweet saliva, slave.
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