For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 85 punishment

2011-07-31 Sun 13:30
It is no use excusing yourself.
You aroused without my permission.
You deserve punishment.
Get ready, slave.

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Femdom Empire 84 collar

2011-07-31 Sun 13:26
Raise your head, slave!
This collar is symbol of my sex slave.
You are mine from now.
Appreciate to me, slave!
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Femdom Empire 83 brothel for ladies

2011-07-27 Wed 10:22
At a brothel, a lady fucked a slut's tongue.
Whether on the Mother Star or on the Earth Colony, brothels contribute to improvement of the welfare of the young and busy Ladies.
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Femdom Empire 82 reeducation after the revolution

2011-07-27 Wed 06:57
After a severe reeducation, Mistress reinquired of her ex-hubby who is the boss of the two.
'If you say wrong answer, I will lead you to the hell literally.'
She threatened him.
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Femdom Empire 81 inspection of a cock

2011-07-26 Tue 02:26
Show me your cock.
I want to know its size and shape.
Wank, slave.
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Femdom Empire 80 load on a bedsheet

2011-07-25 Mon 23:37
You wanked without my permission.
Your load was found at your bed sheet.
It deserves severe punishment in my dungeon.
Kneel down and heel me!
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Femdom Empire 79 deceived

2011-07-25 Mon 22:49
‘Now, I give you something good, slave.’
Suddenly, Mistress trampled on her slave’s groin.
‘Hee hee!
You are deceived.What a stupid slave you are!'
Her laughter echoed in the dungeon.
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Femdom Empire 78 meeting again

2011-07-24 Sun 07:41
Long time no see,hubby.

After your shipment, I joined the Femdom Guard and got my commission.
I enjoy torturing maleslaves every night.

Today, I use you as my toy.
I want to destroy your thought of male chauvinism with my whip.
Enjoy it, hubby.
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Femdom Empire 77 new sexslaves

2011-07-24 Sun 05:00
Countess Esmeralda entered her torture chamber to inspect a pack of new sexslaves.
"Show me your cocks.And wank before me."
She ordered to her new sexslaves.
She wanted to know which is the most useful cockslave to torture and fuck tonight.
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Femdom Empire 76 lickslave

2011-07-22 Fri 20:49
A lickslave must keep boots of his mistress shiny at every moment.
After severe punishments, the mistresses usually order them to lick boots to remove cum.
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Femdom Empire 75 gift

2011-07-22 Fri 18:39
You were a good slutboy today.
I want to give you a special gift for you.
Lie down here and open your mouth wide!
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Femdom Empire 74 education of slaves

2011-07-22 Fri 15:39
I heard you had insisted on 'equality of the sexes' before my subordinates.
What a insane stupid ideologue you are!
I am going to educate you the undeniable TRUTH with this cane.
You are very lucky slave.
Appreciate to me, slutboy!
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Femdom Empire 73 pastime for the ladies

2011-07-22 Fri 08:55
A lady fucked a dildo attached to her slutboy's face.
After the Invasion, raping a slutboy is the most popular pastime to the powerful and dominant ladies on the Earth.
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Femdom Empire 72 hubby enslaved

2011-07-11 Mon 01:10
One day, soon after the Femdom Invasion, my wife nullified my total personality, and declared ownership on me as one of her movable property.
"Hubby, I own you now. I want to use you as a toilet slave. Open your mouth wide, slave."
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Femdom Empire 71 horny

2011-07-10 Sun 20:11
What's this?
Did I permit you to be horny?
What a stupid cockwhore you are!
Shit! Your smelly precum stuck in my palm.
It deserves severe punishment.
Kneel down, hand over your head and face to the wall.
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Femdom Empire 70 Madam Seerihana

2011-07-10 Sun 18:04
-How was my torture chamber and my girls, Mr. Braveheart?
Madam Seerihana said.
I could not reply to her.
I had been tortured heavily by her young cruel subordinates. I was so horrified by them, so I couldn't say anything about them.
-You can never escape from here forever.
-Empress ordered me to confine you here for your life.
-You will spend the most painful life than any mankind experienced.
-This is Her Majesty's decision.
-There is no room for mercy to the ugly inferior sex traitor from other planet.
-You are only to accept our punishment without any complaint for ever.
- You may call here living hell, if you want to, slave.'
Madam Seerihana said.
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Femdom Empire 69 new cockslave

2011-07-10 Sun 15:51
nicebitch.jpgAt a slave shop on the Mother Star, a young lady was waiting for the arriving of 'untamed' cock slave from the Earth.
He was totally wild, so she has to train severely him in extraordinary way.
Watching his portrait, she could not stop dreaming of painful and cruel torture to him.
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Femdom Empire 68 oral service

2011-07-10 Sun 03:36
You need not have such fear.
Yes, I admit that I like torturing slaves and I had killed many ill-behaved slaves for my pleasure, but I am very kind to a good slutboy.
If you pleased me, I will keep you alive here.

First, lick my pussy.
Show me your skill of oral service.
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Femdom Empire 67 a trial

2011-07-08 Fri 17:28
I think it is a nice cock.
It must be delicious, I think.
I want to try him on.
Can I fuck him now?

No problem.
Please enjoy his body entirely.
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Femdom Empire 66 pain and pleasure

2011-07-08 Fri 16:22
Crushing her slave's balls at her dungeon floor with her boots, Mistress Nadia spat on the slave's face.
She asked him. He nodded.
"That is my pleasure, slave. Your pain makes me horny and pleasurable."
She smashed her cigarette on his shaved head. He moaned for unexpected pain.
"Shut up, slave."
She kicked his stomach, and began torturing him for her own pleasure...
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