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Femdom Empire 95 rise and fall in a family

2011-08-26 Fri 21:42
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There is no use trying to get a pity from me, dad.
Now you are a worthless slave. I am an officer of Femdom Imperial Army.
I want to piss on you.
Lie on your back here, dad.


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Femdom Empire 94 penalty

2011-08-26 Fri 20:20
Slave, I heard that you had tried to escape from my stable.
It deserves capital punishment.
I am to carry out it now.
Enjoy your pain.
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Femdom Empire 93 good cockslave

2011-08-26 Fri 17:53
Fucking a new cockslave is one of the most delightful event of ladies.
If he had a huge and hard cock, her rapture will be beyond description.
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Femdom Empire 92 enslavement of a father

2011-08-26 Fri 00:01
From now, you are my slave, dad.
If you are disobedient, you will receive severe punishment.
First, lick my boots properly.
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