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Femdom News

2011-10-31 Mon 00:09

Zimbabwean women in court over sex attacks on hitchhikers

Three women and man accused of drugging and raping men they picked up, reportedly to use their semen in ritual practices

Three Zimbabwean women have been accused of a series of sex attacks on male hitchhikers, purportedly to steal their semen for use in ritual practices.
In a case that has gripped media and public imagination, the gang appeared in court to face charges of aggravated indecent assault.
Sophie and Netsai Nhokwara, sisters aged 26 and 24, along with 28-year-old Rosemary Chakwizira, are the first suspects to be arrest sinceaccounts of women gang-raping men in Zimbabwe emerged two years ago. They were charged along with Thulani Ngwenya, 24, who is Sophie Nhokwara's boyfriend.
The gang's alleged 17 victims identified so far include a soldier and a police officer whom they allegedly forced to have sex without condoms,the state-owned Herald newspaper reported.
"It is alleged that on 3 March this year at around 7:50am, the four, who were driving a Toyota Spacio without registration numbers, picked a 19-year-old man in Budiriro, Harare," the paper said.
"The teenager was on his way to town. Along the way, the state says they sprayed him with chemicals and he felt dizzy. It is alleged they diverted the route and drove into a bushy area along Mukuvisi river behind Houghton Park where they forced him to drink a concoction, which stimulates sexual desire.
"They then allegedly forced the teenager to be intimate with the three of them using condoms. After this, they secured the used condoms containing semen before spraying him with the same substance and leaving him unconscious. When he woke up, the teenager reported the matter to police."
The women were arrested when they were involved in an accident and police reportedly found 31 used condoms ? three half-full of semen ? in the boot of their car.
James Sabau, a spokesman for Harare police, told state media that preliminary investigations suggested a ritual link to the collection of victims' semen.
"We are still trying to figure out why semen was collected," he was quoted as saying. "Information we have gathered so far links the entire female rapist issue to rituals that make people rich. It is, however, still unclear how the supposed rituals work."
The suspects, "dressed in designer clothes and fancy hairstyles", according to one report, stood in the dock as the charges were read for almost an hour last Friday. They were then remanded in custody until 28 October.


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Femdom Empire 130 electric shock

2011-10-28 Fri 19:14
General Shanon punished her slave with electric shock from her fingers.
Like her, the females from the Mother Star were essentially superior to male on the Earth.
After such events, Earthian males became more and more obedient to the female powerful invaders.
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Femdom Empire 129 inspection and instruction of malewhores

2011-10-28 Fri 16:55
Lady Karin, a headmistress of a girl's high school, inspected malewhores’ cock strictly.
She was going to teach some pupils how to train malewhores tonight.
She intended to let the girls fuck the whores.
If the whores leak some drops of cockmilk inside of her pupil's pussy, her mother would become angry with her.
Therefore, she checked the whore's condition strictly and instructed the whores carefully.
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The First Anniversary

2011-10-28 Fri 16:54
Today is the 1st anniversary of this blog.
Thank you for visiting here.

This is the image which used in the first article of this blog(then in livedoor).

This is the image of the most clapped Japanese caption of an apostate (who became right-hand of a brutal pagan empress.)

This is the image of the most clapped caption in English. I want to say thank you to Saratoga( On Female Dominance of the male) to introduce this image to many non-Japanese-speaking people.
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Femdom Empire 128 an unsuccessful deal

2011-10-22 Sat 00:35
A slave trader showed a lickslave to her customer.

The trader offered her customer to taste the slave’s licking.

But his licking did not satisfy the customer.
She demanded the other slave to the trader.
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Femdom Empire 127 virgin slutboy

2011-10-21 Fri 13:25
I will teach you how to serve ladies in the bedroom, virgin slutboy.
Now,pull down your trousers!
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Femdom Empire 126 special reward

2011-10-21 Fri 11:21
I am satisfied with your win at the race.
I am happy to receive all of the prize money as your owner.
In return of it, I will give you special reward for you.
Lie down here and open your mouth wide!
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Femdom Empire 125 be sent into her chamber

2011-10-21 Fri 04:24
Take this rude slaveboy to my ‘chamber’.
I want to let him know how to talk to us with my whip.

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Femdom Empire 124young lady and malewhore

2011-10-21 Fri 04:13
You have a nice huge studded cock,whore.
I want to fuck you.
Lie down on that bed!
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Femdom Empire 123 hide and seek

2011-10-20 Thu 01:36
tumblr_lt8d2wPDM71qka6z0o1_1280 (1)
I found you, slave.
Did you think you could escape from me?
What a stupid ostrich you are!
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Femdom Empire 122 at a slave market

2011-10-20 Thu 00:20
At a slave market, Countess Jacki chose a slave groveling under boots of a slavetrader.
She liked his long foreskinned cock.
When the negotiation was over, she spat on his ass.
Instead of saying hello, the noble women on the Mother Star usually spit on maleslaves.
It is a custom on the Mother Star.
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Femdom Empire121 meet again on a space galley

2011-10-17 Mon 02:15
It's a long time since I saw you, hubby.
I was promoted to captain of this space galley.
Now I enjoy fucking many young slaves every night.
Why do you shed tears?
Your sad face seems as if you are the man who lost last hope.
Your ugly tearful face makes me sick.
(She spat to his face.)
Take him away from here! It's enough to me.
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Femdom Empire120 young general from Mother Star

2011-10-17 Mon 00:30
Young and insatiable general of the Imperial Space Force, inspected a pack of surrendered naked Earthian male POWs.
Watching their huge cocks and thick muscles,she couldn't stop inserting her fingers between her hot wet pussylips.
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Femdom Empire119 disposition of useless slaves

2011-10-16 Sun 23:45
Punish severely your useless slave.
If he lost his hope alive, you can save your feed for other slaves.
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Femdom Empire118 new owner

2011-10-16 Sun 22:23
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Femdom Empire117 ruin of traitor

2011-10-16 Sun 19:07

poor ex-fiancé of a dominatrix
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Femdom Empire 116 dominatrix with cane

2011-10-15 Sat 00:09
A noble dominatrix on the Mother Star punishes her slave in her mansion.
"From now, I will cane you. Thank me for every strokes.
If you do not, the strokes will be doubled."
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Femdom Empire 115 interrogation of a POW

2011-10-14 Fri 10:42
Two young officers of the Empire interrogated an Earthian Prisoner Of War.
He had already told them all of military secrets he knew.
But they continued to torture him only to satisfy their sadistic instinct.

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Femdom Empire 114 slave kicking

2011-10-12 Wed 22:24
Slave kicking is one of the most popular sports of the girls on the Mother Star.
Many slaves are murdered for the girls whim every day on the planet.
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Femdom Empire 113 lecture for teen ladies

2011-10-07 Fri 03:21
Now, hear his lustful gasping.
Can you hear that?
All malewhores are essentially lewd creatures.
In this course, I'll show you how to select a good malewhore, and how to tame him effectively.
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