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Femdom Empire 144 Mazrka the Great

2011-11-30 Wed 21:53
tumblr_lv7jst9Bqz1qjuo72o1_500.jpg This is a recent portrait of the Empress, Mazrka the Great.
She lives in a gigantic palace on the Mother Star, hatching evil and cruel conspiracy with intimate ladies.
She has been keeping her youthfulness from 100,000 years ago with developed science and witchcraft of her planet.  

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Femdom Empire 143 Colonel Jessica

2011-11-30 Wed 19:46
Colonel Jessica, an Earth born officer of Imperial Army, tortured a surrendered Earthian partisan member.
Using cane and whips, she forced him to confess all of military secret.
Her superb mercilessness was praised from the colleagues from the Mother Star.

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Femdom Empire 142 Lady Zelzia

2011-11-30 Wed 13:25
00002.jpg    Lady Zelzia, a wealthy landlady of the Mother Star, liked fucking slave's tongue.
And she loved whipping her slave very much.
If a slave failed to satisfy her with his mouth, she whipped him more than usual.
All of her slaves worked hard  to avoid additional whipping.
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Femdom Empire 141 wanking without cumming

2011-11-30 Wed 09:19
"Keep wanking!"
Lady Gerda said to her slave.
Gripping his own hard erected cock at his right hand, he moaned hopelessly.
She had not allowed him to cum.
According to the criminal law of the Empire, if a slave ejaculated without his owner's permission, he would be imposed death penalty.
His body was trembling with extreme mixture of joy and agony.
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Femdom Empire 140 New Sexpet

2011-11-29 Tue 23:00
" Wake up, loser."
General Budoza, one of the high commanders from Mother Star to the Earth, kicked a Earthian surrender's sleeping face.
"You were chosen as my sexpet for tonight. I will fuck you. Heel!"
She said.

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Contemporary Male Abuse 1 birthday present

2011-11-27 Sun 02:41
 tumblr_lv9zcegnSR1qlu1w6o1_500.jpgTom was sold by his wife and trafficked to central Africa.
He was purchased by a female brutal dictator. She wanted a white sex slave as birthday present for her beloved daughter.
‘Don’t broke him so soon.’  The mother warned to her daughter. ‘White sex slave is expensive. You must keep alive at least six months.’
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Femdom Empire 139 privilege of the officers

2011-11-27 Sun 01:22
At a concentration camp on the Earth, two Imperial Officers waited arriving of a pack of Earthian POWs.
The Officers were going to fuck and torture them as they wish.
Free raping of fresh males was one of the attractive privilege for the Officers of Mother Star's Army.
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Femdom Empire 138 bootlicking

2011-11-26 Sat 02:13
08.jpgClean my heels!
Lick out all of your smelly shit from them!
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Femdom Empire 137 fucking a whore

2011-11-25 Fri 23:50
Lady Dorzma fucked a malewhore's ass with her beautiful dildo in her private dungeon. 
She wanked his cock lovingly.
According to the criminal law of the Empire, whore's ejaculation without permission deserves death penalty.
Lady Dorzma smiled hearing the whore's painful moan.
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Femdom Empire 136 sold to a trader

2011-11-25 Fri 19:46
My sister sold me to a slavetrader from the Mother Star.
She forced me to kiss the boots of my new owner by her whip.
That moment, the deal had completed.
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Femdom Empire 135 cock sizing

2011-11-06 Sun 01:48
slave.jpgShut up!
I am only sizing your cock.
If you leak lecherous sigh again,  I will whip you doubly.
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Femdom Empire 134 punishment of a dog

2011-11-05 Sat 04:02
Lady Giselle, an wealthy landlady of the Mother Star, took her human dog for a walk in the woods.
She was going to punish him in the open air.
Punishing before the eyes of other slaves was an effective measure to let her slaves know their low status.

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Femdom Empire 133 side role of slaughterhouse

2011-11-03 Thu 23:07
On the Mother Star, slaughterhouses have a side role as popular amusement facilities for the noble Ladies.
In slaughterhouse, ladies satisfy their ultra-sadistic desire by torturing and murdering human cattle in horrible ways.
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Femdom Empire 132 a couple after the Invasion

2011-11-03 Thu 01:07
On your knees!
You are no more my husband.
You are merely one of my maleslaves,slave.
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Femdom Empire 131 inspection of cockwhores

2011-11-02 Wed 22:21
Countess Dita's private army had conquered the planet which abounds big cock whores.
Success of this invasion would bring her a vast wealth.
She inspected a squad of surrendered maleslaves strictly wearing her red and black leather uniform.
She had to select the slaves to use in her torture chamber.
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