For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 159 initial operation by giantess

2011-12-16 Fri 16:54
j.jpg  One day, thousands of unknown huge flying saucers landed on the Earth. 
From the saucers, three hundred feet tall leather clad female warriors came out.
They began to trample on the tanks and Earthian soldiers, and  flicked away missiles with whips. 
*Mother Star's warriors can enlarge their body as they want .


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Femdom Empire 158 handjob

2011-12-16 Fri 10:24
Whore, I am your new owner.
Rubbing his cock, unknown woman told to him.
She spat to his nostril.

From now, I will rape and fuck you all night long.
Needless to say, you will be terminated if you drop your cockmilk without my permission.

She began wanking his cock more lewdly.
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Femdom Empire 157 cruel order

2011-12-14 Wed 18:47
That's enough for today.
I will milk your cock for cafe au lait at tomorrow breakfast.
Keep still until tomorrow morning!
Don't spoil any drops of your cum!
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Femdom Empire 156 alluring to escape

2011-12-14 Wed 12:52
Two officers caught an Earthian escaped prisoner from their concentration camp.
Hunting of escaped prisoner was  one of the joyous recreations for the young Imperial officers .
Many of prisons had intentional unprotective holes which allure the prisoners trying to escape.
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Femdom Empire 155 unbelievable fortune

2011-12-09 Fri 22:43
tumblr_lvokm3t71c1r5urk9o1_1280.jpg  I  became an Imperial Officer of the Mother Star at last!
An Earthian woman felt great joy. She couldn't stop rubbing her officer's  black leather uniform.  
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Femdom Empire 154 welcome spitting

2011-12-09 Fri 19:57
Lady Vuzdra, an wealthy landlady of the Mother Star, bought a new cockslave from a slavetrader.
When he arriving, she stood in front of him,and spat on the his face.
"What a dirty whore you are!
You have already erected staring at me, whore.
I will teach you how to behave before the ladies like me.
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Femdom Empire 153 privilege of the ladies

2011-12-09 Fri 09:21
00j.jpg  A lady of the Mother Star took her sexslave to her bedroom.
She was about to punish and to rape him only because she wanted to do so.
Ladies are superior to the slaves essentially and so ladies are permitted to punish their slaves for whim without any objective evidence.
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Femdom Empire 152 raping a virgin boy

2011-12-07 Wed 22:53
"Welcome to my dungeon."
An unknown lady said, holding a cane in front of her pussy.
"From now, I own you, slave. I heard you are virgin boy. I will teach you the way how to be fucked by ladies. Turn around and show me your ass!"
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Femdom Empire 151 hungry like a leopardess

2011-12-07 Wed 10:29
At a brothel, an officer of the Imperial Army found a nice cock-whore.
She stood up and sneaked up behind the victim, like a hungry carnivore.
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Femdom Empire 150 arguing?

2011-12-06 Tue 00:34
What a silly boy!
On this Planet, slaves NEVER have a right like a freedom of speech.
Better know that your stupid utterance will only increase your pains.
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Femdom Empire 149 promotion of my ex-wife

2011-12-05 Mon 00:24
According to the contract, you are no longer my husband , but my slave.
The supreme commander from Mother Star has authorized me as head of the police of this district .
Yes, I can do anything I want to here completely.
You had better behave yourself. 
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Femdom Empire 148 an ex-couple 2

2011-12-02 Fri 23:50
My ex-wife had a beautiful manor in the valley between emerald mountains on the Mother Star.
After used as her rickshaw puller for several years, I was sent to her manor as human-animal to plow up the fields.
One day, she came to the field which we were plowing.
She rode herself on my own back , and she enjoyed caning and kicking my body .
After the several hours of severe torture, she returned to her mansion.
I was exhausted and harmed. My ex-wife didn't express any appreciation to me.  She might be thinking about me as if i were  mere animal.
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Femdom Empire 147 the dungeon for the condemned

2011-12-02 Fri 21:27
domina_20111202212556.jpg  In the central area of Moman City, the Capital of the Empire, there was a dungeon  which disobedient Earthian captives imprisoned.
Alien condemned  prisoners were interned in this dungeon. 
The female guards of this dungeon had allowed by the Empress to do any punishment to the prisoners .
The Guards had tortured the prisoners as they wish.
For this reason, many of the insatiable girls of the Mother Star had a dream to become the Guards in glossy latex uniform of this dungeon.
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Femdom Empire 146 an ex-couple

2011-12-02 Fri 13:29
Just before the Great Invasion from the Mother Star, a middle aged couple was kidnapped from the Earth to the Mother Star as a sample of the Earthian.
They forced to be separated, and they began to treated in completely different ways.
The wife was treated as a lady of the Mother Star, and her husband was treated as a domesticated animal.
Some years passed.
One day, the lady from the Earth discovered her former husband at a slave market.
As a matter of course she bought him to use him as a rickshaw puller. She wanted to enjoy the sweet taste of torturing her ex-hubby animal bitterly with her whip.

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Femdom Empire 145 wrestler-slave and his dominatrix

2011-12-02 Fri 09:55
Why did you give up ?
You had had more stamina than the enemy that moment.
Above all,I had ordered you never give up and die on the mat.
I told you, but you didn't.
Your cowardice brought disgrace on me.
It deserve severe punishment.
From now, I will teach you there is a life more painful than to die.

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