For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 212 tasting cockmilk at slaveshop

2012-04-30 Mon 23:45
A lady of the Mother Star tasted a slave's cockmilk at a slaveshop seriously.
Flavor of cockmilk is important point evaluating slaves.


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Femdom Empire 211 proclamation of the supreme commadress

2012-04-08 Sun 23:15
Unconditional submission to the Women is the only virtue men can achieve.
Worship thy Dominatrix!                                                                                         
Supreme Comandress of the Moman Imperial Army  
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Femdom Empire 210 new owner

2012-04-08 Sun 09:28

When I first entered my new owner's bedroom, she had just been rubbing her pussylips with her left hand.
Licking her own pussy juice from her right fingers, she said.

'I give you special drink of me. Suck my pussy, whore!' 
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Femdom Empire 209 playroom for officers

2012-04-08 Sun 06:38
'Prepare yourself! I'm going to torture as if you were in hell.'
The woman officer said to her sex slaves.
Been scrutinized strictly from penis to anus, chosen sex slaves were taken to "play room".
Torture of slaves is the best fun of women born the Mother Star.
Intimidating sex slaves with a penetrating look, their groins were wet by evil and dirty expectations.
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Femdom Empire 208 reward for a human-dog

2012-04-08 Sun 01:28
                                                                                                       Reward your dog-slaves. Give them nipple-biting or ball-rubbing every time they follow your orders and commands.
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Femdom Empire 207 in a space galley

2012-04-06 Fri 15:43
In a space galley, many slaves were tormented by not only hardness of their labor but also irrational cruelty of the female officers.
A young officer spat an innocent slave's face.
She stood in front of the victim with her arms akimbo, and said.

Don't stare at my beautiful pussy!
How dare you get hard without permission?
Your dirty gaze soiled my beautiful body.
It deserves punishment.
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Contemporary male abuse 06 window shopping

2012-04-06 Fri 11:44
Princess Letizia
What a beautiful slave!
I want to fuck him.

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Contemporary male abuse 05 Princess and Firstlady

2012-04-06 Fri 08:19
tumblr_lz3690ambs1qe8lnho1_500.jpgPrincess Letizia led her friend Lady Carla to her slave stable.

Princess changed to her favorite red pvc dress, and showed her collection  to Lady Carla.

At now the point, this is  the longest cock. If you want to fuck it, I would give it to you.

Princess said to her friend.

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Femdom Empire 206 slave trader, customer and whore

2012-04-06 Fri 06:53
This lady wants you as a sex pet.
Kiss her foot to her properly.
Show her your cock and indecent nature, whore!
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Femdom Empire 205 waiting for mistress

2012-04-04 Wed 21:59
I informed all of your wrong doings to your Mistress.
She will come here soon.
You will be punished by her.
Keep still and wait her.
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Femdom Empire 204 janitor of girl's school

2012-04-03 Tue 23:49
At a girl's school of the Mother Star, female students trampled an earthian janitor only to satisfy their sadistic instinct.
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