For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 241 Fabulous slave trainer Lady Nina

2012-07-23 Mon 23:05
lady ninaCountess Nina was one of the wealthiest landladies on the Earth.
She was an authority of slave training. The slaves branded her emblems were sold at  high prices to the Mother Star and other subordinate planets.


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Femdom Empire 240 Earthian Landlady Bobbi

2012-07-23 Mon 22:42
Lady Bobbi was a wealthy Earthian landlady.
She owned huge manor and many male slaves.
She liked fucking new slaves.
When she wasn't satisfied by slaves cock performance, she enjoyed torturing and murdering him.
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Femdom Empire 239 a passage of the 'Chronicle of the Mother Star'

2012-07-22 Sun 21:41
Males had been created by The Goddess only to fulfil women's sexual desire.
from ' Chronicles of the Mother Star'
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Femdom Empire 238 fashion advertisement of Femdom era

2012-07-01 Sun 00:06
Wear elegant leather harness!
Enslave your slutsboys by your genuine charm!
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