For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 259 Earthian lady in leather

2012-09-29 Sat 05:06
After the Invasion, most of Earthian ladies converted to the Moman Faith.
They began to enslave their male relatives and to export them to the other stars.
Some of them were became very rich.
This is a portrait of one of these ladies wearing Moman leather outfit proudly.



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Femdom Empire 258 forced gratitude

2012-09-28 Fri 16:29
Express your appreciation to the kindness of this Lady from the Mother Star, slave.
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Femdom Empire 257 Countess Liza

2012-09-15 Sat 20:35
'Slave, lick my dildo. Suck all of my sweet pussyjuice.'
Countess Liza, one of the wealthiest landladies on the Earth, said to her helpless slaveboy arrogantly.
After this short break, she was planning to fuck him with this dildo.
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Femdom Empire 256 a lesson to lickslaves

2012-09-01 Sat 22:05
You shall love the Lady your Dominatrix with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind,and with your lips, and with your tongue.
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