For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 269 Forced appreciation

2012-10-27 Sat 00:08
  0_20121027000406.jpgWith my whipping, your ass turned to sexy pink.
Say gratitude to me properly, slave!


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Femdom Empire 268 Madame Catarina's torture chamber

2012-10-26 Fri 22:52
Disobedient slaves were destined to be punished by their dominatrices.
Madame Catarina and her girl friend enjoyed tormenting an unfortunate slaveboy.
Her torture chamber was filled with their evil laughters and sounds of whips.
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Femdom Empire 267 A teenage dominatrix

2012-10-14 Sun 22:31
00_20121014223000.jpgA teenage dominatrix chose a slave from her mother's slave stable.
She was going to torture him with her mother.
In this manner,  skills of slave torturing were passed down over generations.
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Femdom Empire 266 slave-designer

2012-10-14 Sun 20:57
After the Invasion, slave-designer became the most popular occupation of the Earthian girls.
They began to earn much money from slave-hungering Moman Ladies, but also they could incarnate their own wet dream freely in real men's bodies.
On Earth, billions of slaveboys were hunted, enslaved, physically-modified by young female designers.
Some of famous Earthian slave-designers were raised to the peerage to the Moman Ladies.
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Femdom Empire 265 declaration of punishment

2012-10-13 Sat 20:59
You should know the reason why you were called here, slave.
I was very disappointed by your rudeness.
Your insane behavior at the party of the last night brought huge disgrace on me.
It deserves severe punishment.

First, beg me for mercy properly.
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Femdom Empire 264 Mistress Honoka and a new slaveboy

2012-10-12 Fri 22:05
20120510144556263.jpgMistress Honoka grinned when she saw slaveboy's huge cock and said to him.
'Welcome to my dungeon. We have a lot of things to talk with intimately.
First, Come closer, and show me your cock and balls!' 
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Femdom Empire 263 Star Beheadresses

2012-10-12 Fri 20:40
Beheading is one of the most enjoyable pastime of the Moman Ladies.
Performance of Famous beheadresses are broadcasted all over the Empire.
Many of girls of the Empire are dreaming to become a beheadress someday.
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Femdom Empire 262 first word of a new owner

2012-10-08 Mon 23:50
Greet me properly as a sexpet.
From now, I am your owner.
Suck my divine back without any hesitation.
If you want to live happy life in my manor, you should obey my every orders literally.
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Femdom Empire 261 reward for a slave

2012-10-03 Wed 05:48
After severe torture, dominatrix spat on the floor.
'This is the payment for your today's service. Receive it, slave.'
She said sternly.

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Femdom Empire 260 painful life

2012-10-01 Mon 04:40
After the Invasion, most of Earthian ladies trained their former husbands and sold them to ladies of the other stars.
A few wicked ladies kept their former husbands in their hands only to enjoy torturing them.
This ex-hubby slave was used as a human footrest by his ex-wife dominatrix.
He was forced to live the life more painful than death for her sadistic whim.
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