For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 278 inspecting a new slave

2012-11-23 Fri 09:54
From now, I  am your owner.
First, I want to inspect your cock.
Wank yourself lightly and show me real size of your cock!


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Femdom Empire 277 fate of remnants

2012-11-23 Fri 07:30
The Earthian male liberation movements were crushed completely by close cooperation of Eartian and Moman women.
The last remnants were tortured extremely cruelly, and records of their miserable fates were used to educate the Earthian male slaves.
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Femdom Empire 276 At a brothel

2012-11-17 Sat 20:48
At a brothel on the Mother Star, a young Moman lady enjoyed fucking two cockslaves at once.
Maleslaves were forced to serve to female guests without any hesitation.

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Femdom Empire 275 humiliation of a new slave

2012-11-04 Sun 00:25
Countess Jacqueline inspected strictly a newly purchased slave at her office of her mansion.
"No wonder. Cock is rather small. Almost useless.
So you were so cheap."
She said the fact plainly and humiliated him completely.
She knew the fact that humiliation is the best way to tame a new slave.

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Femdom Empire 274 Heaven and Hell

2012-11-02 Fri 23:44
heaven.jpgAfter the Invasion, the Earth changed the Heaven for sadistic Ladies.
They became able to get any pleasure they want without any limitations.

Male slaves were to suffer unlimited and extreme pain just to fulfil female’s evil  instinct.
The Earth changed to real Hell for the male slaves.

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Femdom Empire 273 begging for permission

2012-11-02 Fri 21:11
Mistress: How's smell of mixture of my pussy juice and saliva around your face, slave?
Dog: Aaaahhh! Please give me your permission to cum!
I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!
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Femdom Empire 272 no way out

2012-11-02 Fri 10:55
Disobedient prisoners were tortured severely.
In the early phase of the Invasion, most of tortures were carried out by the Moman officers.
But after the Great Conversion of the Earthian Women to the Moman Faith, many Earthian women began to torture their former male  partners and male neighbors.
There were no way out for the males from the brutal treatment by females.

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Femdom Empire 271 officers at a brothel

2012-11-02 Fri 07:21
tumblr_maxuvaRzPG1qfrh2to1_1280.jpgAt a brothel, two Earthian female officers inspected a herd of malesluts.
To spend a good evening,accurate  malesluts inspection is need.
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Femdom Empire 270 first order from Dominatrix

2012-11-02 Fri 06:24
I allow you to use your hand to open the zipper, slave.
Worship my beautiful ass properly with your tongue.

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