For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 285 great awareness of the truth

2012-12-25 Tue 19:26
After the Invasion, the most of Earthian women became aware of their innate sadistic tendency and their own irrefutable superiority to male creatures.
They began to wear shiny black military uniform, and enjoy torturing insubordinate males.
Look at their joyful smiles!


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Femdom Empire 284 Dom Karin, a brothel maneger

2012-12-24 Mon 23:42
Dom Karin, an Earthian brothel manager, showed a sexslave to a Moman customer.
'This isn't thick nor long but stiff like steel. You can enjoy this until dawn.
She smiled at her customer.
'Look at this huge balls. I have forbidden him to ejaculation for almost a month.
Taste of his milk must be thick like condensed milk. I hope you enjoy it.'
She said.

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Femdom Empire 283 slave trainer

2012-12-23 Sun 22:50
tumblr_mfci9eQJ6y1riab51o1_400.jpg'Let me take care of this slave.
I will let him know  how to behave himself with my whip.'
Gazing at the slave's huge reddened cock nonchalantly, the slave trainer said.
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Femdom Empire 282 Lady Bobbi's orgasm

2012-12-23 Sun 18:31
Sexual orgasm was the most valuable thing for the women of the Mother star and female habitants of their sister planets.
Many of women of the Mother Star and sister planets liked to be photographed when they reached their orgasms.
This is Lady Bobbi, an wealthy Earthian landlady, rode and fucked her sexslave.
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Femdom Empire 281 On a Space Galley

2012-12-10 Mon 18:32
tumblr_me06osIvl51qzublqo1_1280.jpg'It's teatime for you.'
 Young Moman Countess Smegdra stood up from her seat of her space galley and said to her toilet slave .
She made him open the zipper of her crotch by teeth.
'Open your mouth wide.' 
She ordered to him, and she flushed  piss into his mouth.

On the flight between stars, human toilet is the most effective. 
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Femdom Empire 280 Joy of death penalty

2012-12-10 Mon 16:20
Sentencing death penalties to their private slaves is one of the most exciting moments for the Moman ladies.
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Femdom Empire 279 target of a riding crop

2012-12-09 Sun 19:36
0_20121209193508.jpgSlave, I have no expectations to your tiny worthless cock.
Your cock only can become the target of my riding crop.
Come in front of me and raise your cock above my boots!

Tapping her riding crop irritatingly, the Moman Lady ordered to her slave.
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