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Femdom Empire 302 Lady Karla's inspection in her manor

2013-02-24 Sun 18:32
Lady Karla, one of the wealthiest lady in the Empire, loved inspecting her beautiful private manor.
Outdoor slave torturing was her favorite pastime.
Riding a centauer, she began to search her slave's mismanagement.
Desperate screams of her slaves would be echoed in her quiet manor.


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Fedmom Empire 301 evil anvil

2013-02-24 Sun 01:19
You need some fix.
Sit down on here, slave.
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Femdom Empire 300 lewd glance

2013-02-21 Thu 22:58
04_20130221225745.jpgShow me your tearful eye.
Your lewd glance really  makes me horny, slut.
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Femdom Empire 299 Cooking a photo to a art

2013-02-21 Thu 21:34

Cooking a photo to a art
01. Rip off red dominatrix her gorgeous white fur.
02. Remove shoulders' part from her red dress.
03. Wear a corset belt to her.
04. Change her boots from black to red.
05. Untie her hair.
06. Hand a riding crop to her.
07. Change the guest's dress to business suit.
08. Tie up the guest's hair with black ribbon.
09. Hand the guest a cigarette with holder.
10. Shave slaves completely.
11. Force the slaves to stand and to expose their cocks.
12. Change the room from comfortable guestroom to stark slave stable.

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Femdom Empire 298 simple command

2013-02-19 Tue 02:09
tumblr_mif7tizc0v1qm0805o1_1280.jpgLick my spit on the floor, slave.
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Femdom Empire 297 preparation of torture

2013-02-19 Tue 01:30
Preparation of tonight's torture seems almost completed.
Strip him of his clothes completely without metal cock cage, take him here in all fours, and lock him in that wooden stock.
After dinner, I will give him some lessons.
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Femdom Empire 296 sweet interrogation

2013-02-17 Sun 20:22
458339125.jpgMy dear, it's of no use  screaming into your mask.
Nobody of Earthians knows where you are.
I don't want to crush your pretty dicklet and balls.
Would you tell me the PIN of the computer a favor ?
Oh my dear, if you do not tell me it, your situation will become more dangerous.
Please tell me the PIN, dear.

(She rubbed his right nipple gently with her rubber-gloved fingers. He released slight sigh with joy.) 
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Femdom Empire 295 cockmilking as social occasion

2013-02-17 Sun 16:04
Cockmilk time(like  tea time) is  common pastime for the Moman ladies.
After evening slave torturing, before bedtime, they usually enjoy cockmilk time.

Through this occasion, Moman teenage girls learn some important things. 
First, they  acquire the way to let the maleslaves cum when they need. 
Second, they begin to accustomed to superb combination of smell of leather and  taste of cockmilk. 
Third,   they understand their own essential and undeniable superiority to the males,  they start to treat the males genuinely sadistic or cold-blooded.

Cockmilk time offers a important occasion to healthy development of the Moman girls.
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Femdom Empire 294 reward for slaves

2013-02-17 Sun 13:32
tumblr_me9m91Q5ox1qhawwqo1_500.jpgAccording to the Imperial Ordinance of Slave Protection, all slaves and malesluts should be given their reward once a year by their owners.
But the sum of money of their reward was not prescribed.
Most of slave owners abused this habitually.
This is the scene in which a beautiful dominatrix is paying reward to a slave.
His annual reward of this year was only  some drops of her piss and pussy juice, and  nipple pinching for some seconds.

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Femdom Empire 293 greeting of chief torturer

2013-02-17 Sun 12:34
tumblr_mcl5scfkex1ritojio1_500.jpgWelcome to our hell, slaves.
I am the chief torturer of this dungeon.
You'd know the fact that no one could escape from here in long, dark, and painful herstory of this dungeon.
You had better understand  that your life had already finished in fact, slaves.
You will never have hope, happiness, security, privacy, and liberty forever from now.
We will  give you  pain, fear, horror, agony, despair, and cruelty and unfair treatment.
We will enjoy your crying, tearing, bloodshed and death of you with heartfully and wombfully.
Enjoy your painful days and nights, slaves.
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Femdom Empire 292 oral communication with puppies

2013-02-17 Sun 08:45
1970388092.jpgBy  appropriate training, you can make your puppies have ability of more intimate oral communication.
If you could give them that ability, you can  enjoy wonderful taste of puppie's tongues  under the sunshine as elegant as this lady.
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Femdom Empire 291 at a male slut auction

2013-02-17 Sun 04:43
What a shame! This slut has a slutty thick cock.
Of all things, it has many lewd metal studs around his shaft.
And it became hard like a rock when I touch with my whip.
I want to taste it by myself.
Could you lend me one of your torture chamber?
I want to change into black leather and fuck it.
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Femdom Empire 290 present from daughter

2013-02-17 Sun 02:09
Dad, I want to give you a special beverage to you.
Open your mouth wide.

You have a very kind daughter, hubby.
I am very proud of her kindness to you.
Thank her and drink her sweet piss.
This is also my command.
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Femdom Empire 289 prosecutor's break

2013-02-14 Thu 21:39
In the middle of interrogation, suddenly, the female prosecutor stopped whipping, lit a cigarette, and began to rub her cuntlips enthusiasticly.
She could not stop it because she was in extremely sadistic mood.
Pleasure of the females is the most valuable thing. No one can stop it.
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Femdom Empire 288 after the Invasion

2013-02-07 Thu 22:28
After the Invasion, many Earthian wives sold their husbands to the alien ladies and bought young big-cocked slaves. 
But some wives kept on breeding their husbands with their hands and used them as they wanted.
This image shows an example of the latter cases.
This Earthian Lady used her husband as a human bidet.

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