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Femdom Empire 306 walk with a dog

2013-03-18 Mon 00:06
0_20130318000507.jpgTaking a dog for a walk is the best way to refresh.


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Femdom Empire 305 new game

2013-03-17 Sun 20:57
Hubby, I hit upon a good idea.
Fuck that sexslave's huge cock with your mouth.
If you could make him cum in one minute, I will punish him.
If you could not, you will be punished.
Make hay while the sun shines.
Ready, steady, go!
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Femdom Empire 304 from the Moman Scripture

2013-03-07 Thu 02:40
1671702632.jpgAll Women are the Daughters of the Empress of the Evil who rule the entire Universe.
All of the things in the Universe should be used for Their supreme whims.
From 'the Moman Scriptures'. 
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Femdom Empire 303 hidden talent

2013-03-07 Thu 01:17
An innocent earthian girl became a secret police officer.

Assigned to the torture department, her genuine but hidden talent as a torturer was flourished. 
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