For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 330 surrender recommendation

2013-04-30 Tue 23:37


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Femdom Empire 329 unecessarily cruelty

2013-04-20 Sat 00:02
After the Great Moman Invasion, social status of sexes were changed drastically on the Earth.
Males became to be thought as a sort of livestock.
Earthian males started to be treated by females unnecessarily cruelly.

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Femdom Empire 328 inspection of a lickslave

2013-04-18 Thu 06:05
At a petshop of the Moman City, an shop girl showed a lickslave to a wealthy landlady.
She wanted to buy a good lickslave.
Sitting on the lickslave's face, she scrutinized action of his tongue.

Stick your tongue deep!
She began to rubbing his nipple, and fuck his mouth with her pussy.
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Femdom Empire 327 innocent nun who discovered the truth

2013-04-16 Tue 22:25
After the Great Conversion which occured after the victory of the Moman and Earthian Women, the most of monastery were abolished.
Awoken their superiority to men, nuns  abandoned innocence and faithfulness, and some of them were became strict discipliner who preach the dogma of female domination. 
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Femdom Empire 326 at a sexpet shop

2013-04-16 Tue 19:14
At most of pet shop on the Mother Star, sexpets are displayed upside down.
Needless to say, size and shape of a cock is the most crucial standard for customers to evaluate a sexpet.

A Moman lady found a good item. Drawing her whip through her hands, she began to inspect it keenly.

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Femdom Empire 325 dreaming girl

2013-04-15 Mon 23:52
tumblr_mj5atiNOBG1qhawwqo1_400.jpgWoman has a right to dream and also has a right to realize it without  any concern of her properties's  will.

In the middle of a severe torture session, she suddenly became so wet. She reminded the sweet taste of other slave's oral service.
She closed her eyes, and began to rub her wet pussy in front of her confused sexslave who could not know the reason at all.  
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Femdom Empire 324 an educational movie

2013-04-15 Mon 17:51
tumblr_mla8eaZTnD1re05q8o1_250.gif 000.gif
At a girl's school on the Mother Star, an educational movie was screened.
The title is 'How to train a bitch', it contained some brutal and cruel scenes including bloody death scenes of stupid slaves.
Most of the girls got excited at such scenes, they sometimes clapped for the skillful actions of dominatrices in the movie.
After some cold blooded episodes, the story reached a happy end.
Heroine of this movie is a famous actual tortureress, Lady Vyzma, fucked her slutboi with pearl colored huge dildo.
Simultaneously, she wanked the slut's dick and sucked his nipple and lips.
Many of girls were fascinated by these beautiful schenes.
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Femdom Empire 323 ex-wife's order

2013-04-14 Sun 17:43
Lick out all of your smelly cum from your beloved daughter's beautiful red boots with your tongue, hubby.
After you finished it, I will inspect her boots strictly.
Don't leave any stains, or you would be in serious trouble.

Trampling my balls, ex-wife ordered to me.

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Femdom Empire 322 country delight of Countess Vdraza

2013-04-13 Sat 23:38
farm.jpgCountess Vdraza, one of  the most influential ladies at the Moman Imperial Court, loved  farming and country life very much.
She often visited her farm. 
Riding on saddle on her slave's back, she commanded to slaves directly.
After heavy labor at the farm, ill-fated slaves were called at her mansion.
They were fate to be tortured severely only for her pleasure at her torture chamber.
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Femdom Empire 321 earthian female soldiers

2013-04-13 Sat 21:52
beautiful.jpgAfter the Great Conversion of Earthian Women, many Earthian Women volunteered for the Moman soldier.
They cooperated many fronts on the planets in the Galaxy.
This is the scene of a pair of Earthian female soldiers took prisoner of the other primitive planet at the other side of the Galaxy.
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Femdom Empire 320 wonderful order

2013-04-12 Fri 20:33
0_20130412203635.jpg'Because of you, my fishnet became wet with my pussyjuice.'
After severe whipping, the torturer said to her victim.
'Clean with your tongue and make my day, slave.'
With rubbing her pussylips,she ordered.
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Femdom Empire 319 open air whipping

2013-04-12 Fri 15:15
1692967762.jpgIn a bright afternoon, an Earthian landlady enjoyed whipping a slave in the open air.
She was delighted at the beautiful harmony of joyful songs of birds, sharp noises of her whip, and hopeless moan of her slave.
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Femdom Empire 318 last memory

2013-04-11 Thu 18:19
20100203094858517654.jpgMy wife and daughters held a small farewell party of me.
They were in a good temper because they received more money than they expected for my price from a Moman slavetrader.
They enjoyed kicking me, spitting me, and caning me as usual.

This was my last scene on the Earth.
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Femdom Empire 317 trampling by daughter

2013-04-07 Sun 07:39
00_20130407073745.jpgAn Earthian girl tortured her biological father by merciless trampling.
After the Moman Invasion, many Earthian fathers were executed by their daughters in this way.
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Femdom Empire 316 fault of Domina Anna's bitch

2013-04-06 Sat 23:19
Mistress-Anna-11.jpgBy kicking your body, my beautiful boots got polluted with your messy sweat.
That's completely your fault.
You need punishment.
First, clean my boots completely with your tongue, and apologize it to me, bitch.
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Fedmom Empire 315 Goddess Gina's trick

2013-04-04 Thu 12:36
gina.jpgGoddess Gina has squatted down in front of her dog's face.
'I want to give you a special reward now.
Bitch, close your eyes.'
She ordered.
The dog obeyed.
Suddenly, she slapped his face.
'I got it, bitch. Hehe, you were decieved! 
 You feel humiliation, it is just what I want, slave. 
Serves you right!'
She said, and spat to his face.
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Femdom Empire 314 at a slave shop

2013-04-04 Thu 02:51
tumblr_mgz8zbyZsm1r5fu8eo1_1280.jpgAt a slave shop, a lady customer inspected a maleslave's cock seriously.
No one wants to waste money for worthless things.
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Femdom Empire 313 Punisment as amusment

2013-04-03 Wed 00:32
Punishments of useless slaves were one of the exciting entertainments of the Moman and the Earthian ladies.
Most of slaves were to be punished cruelly only to gratify their dominatrices's sadistic desire.
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Femdom Empire 312 Lady Monica (who want to fuck a slutboy)

2013-04-02 Tue 01:37
tumblr_miv3iyAJUj1rmf2e0o5_400.jpgThis slutboy has a nice thick hard dick.
I want to fuck him tonight.
Let me know his price.
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Femdom Empire 311 lady in formal wear

2013-04-02 Tue 00:34
tumblr_mi4rpipXt21rg1u1vo1_1280.jpgDildo is the most important item for formal wear of noble ladies. 
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