For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 345 new sex slave

2013-05-30 Thu 20:52
tumblr_m9lttqyPqc1qjuo72o1_1280.jpgKick off your trousers, slave. Show me your cock.

Mmmm, what a smutty veins you have! From now, this cock is my sex toy. I will fuck it tonight. Don't spill any cum without my permission, slave.


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Femdom Empire 344 conversation with whips and chains

2013-05-30 Thu 17:51
We need more close and detailed conversations with this bitch now.
Bring us some whips and chains.
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Femdom Empire 343 effect of the Edict

2013-05-30 Thu 03:55
tumblr_mnkowgBOnB1qm0805o1_1280.jpgHubby, you had better talk to me more politely. As you know, our relation had changed by the Edict of the Princess of Moman.
It is nonsense completely.

We belong to different sex, in other words, different caste. Never forget that you are only my private property just like a pet. 
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Femdom Empire 342 bedroom etiquette training

2013-05-30 Thu 02:34
Follow me, slut.
I will teach you proper etiquette at your owner's bedroom.
If you cannot achieve my satisfaction, you will be ruined as compensation.

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Femdom Empire 341 rickshaw driving

2013-05-26 Sun 22:16
tumblr_ml79ody8211re05q8o1_1280.jpgRickshaw is the most popular vehicle among the Moman Ladies.
Indeed cruising-speed of this vehicle is not so fast, but it gives huge pleasure to the ladies by causing tremendous agony to the slaves.
Rickshaw is usually pulled by one slave and some spare slaves follow it.
So lady drivers can enjoy killing a puller anytime if they want. Driving is always great amusement for the Womankind.
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Femdom Empire 340 Colonel Candice

2013-05-26 Sun 20:18
tumblr_mne3h71J8M1re05q8o1_500.jpgColonel Candice inspected a camp of POWs under her control. 
She had absolute power in this camp, and she could use any male POWs as she wanted. 
She often kidnapped some POWs from her camp to somewhere to satisfy her own desire. 
Her coldblooded cruelty was well known among the POWs. 
Therefore, her appearance always caused panic to them.
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Femdom Empire 339 order to a human condom

2013-05-26 Sun 17:57
Now, it is your turn, slut.
Come here and suck this bitch's yummy milk from his dick.
Don't spill drops, or else you'll be punished.
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Femdom Empire 338 unfortunete centaur

2013-05-24 Fri 00:02
When Lady Zlita inspected her private sexslave stable, she always rode a centaur which had been her sexslave before.
She usually threatened her sexslaves by torturing the centaur in front of them.
It was effective to tame them obediently.
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Femdom Empier 337 temptation for pleasure

2013-05-09 Thu 21:36
Moman girls sometimes tempted their slaves.
Needless to say, ejaculating without permission deserved heavy punishment.
Their slaves were tormented madly with desire for ejaculation.
Slaves frustration was the thing that the girls wanted.

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Femdom Empire 336 reeducation center

2013-05-09 Thu 00:33
Lady Kendra took one of her slaves to the Reeducation Center.
Last night the slave has spilt his cock milk into her pussy without her permission.
Lady Kendra thought his heinous crime deserved more than a death penalty.
Reeducation Center was established for women who has been annoyed by serious crimes of their slaves.
In this center, the clients and professional tor
turers cooperate to enjoy more cruel torture than simple death.
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Femdom Empire 335 training a bitch

2013-05-06 Mon 23:36
CHEFIN033.jpgCome here, bitch!
I will teach you a new trick.
First, sit up and beg!
Show me status of your dicklette!
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Femdom Empire 334 sweet reward

2013-05-06 Mon 22:20
Slave, it's a time for your sweet reward.
Suck my sweet pussy now.
If you let me down or you'll be get punishment.
Now ready, steady, go!
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Fedmom Empire 333 male slave training for sale

2013-05-02 Thu 23:40
0_20130502221314.jpgAt a slave training facility on the Earth, an Earthian female trainer broke a wild male to the bondage. 
Well trained males could be sold at high prices to customers on other stars. 
Therefore, many females including our heroine trained them enthusiastically.
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Fedmom Empire 332 slut's cock modification

2013-05-02 Thu 21:18
Bring this slut to my torture room.

In any case, that slut has a nice big cock.
I am going to make his cock more useful than before.
I seem that he needs some metal studs to his
penis and cock ring to his glans.
It makes him more attractive, I think.
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Femdom Empire 331 sweet reward for officers

2013-05-01 Wed 19:22
For Earthian male prisoners of war, it was dangerous to be classified as disobedient.
It meant that their life would be end soon.
Murder of disobedient prisoners was sweet reward for hard-working young Moman officers.
They enjoyed fear and pain of prisoners in executing them until they reach orgasms.
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