For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 391 tiny cock humiliation

2013-07-26 Fri 22:47
Needless to say, Moman ladies preferred more to fuck big cock slaves than to fuck little cock slaves. They usually used tiny cock slaves for humiliation torture.
Like the right lady, in a brutal torture, ladies would get a blissful orgasm watching their slave's miserable situation which caused their own hands.

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Fedmom Empire 390 a leopardess hunted a sexslave

2013-07-25 Thu 18:20
A  hungry carnivore leopardess rose  her head  toward a herd of male sexslaves on the down stairs. She began to gazing them seriously  each sexslave for some seconds. 
Suddenly, she jumped down to understairs without making no sound. She caught a sexslave and tighed him at once.
Stealing a slave is an exciting pastime for the noble ladies who belong the clan  called Leopardess.
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Femdom Empire 389 language education

2013-07-24 Wed 04:43
tumblr_m5tvopYvlt1rto8oto1_1280.jpgYou seem don't have the capacity to use your language in a right way. I will teach you how to talk to your mistress. I will give important lesson with special apparatus into your soul. You will be never forget.

Follow me, slave.
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Femdom Empire 388 a reason of the empire's rapid expansion

2013-07-24 Wed 03:10
tumblr_mqe9qlC6Fs1rlxfodo1_500.jpgNo slave can escape from wicked glamor of the Shiny black leather armor of the Moman female officers. If an alien slave would encounter female warriors, he could never avoid to getting away from them. Therefore, Moman Empire could have invaded the planets of the galaxy very rapidly.  
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Femdom Empire 387 order to a new virgin slaveboy

2013-07-24 Wed 01:51
I will teach you how to worship your goddess with your tongue. Kneel down and come closer to me!
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Femdom Empire 386 reeducation of the equalist women

2013-07-22 Mon 00:15
tumblr_mqa27bqACs1re05q8o1_1280.jpgEven  after Femdom government had established, some of the Earthian women did not accept 'the Faith of Female Dominance'. The government had never killed them. The government just reeducated them harshly. In several years after the establishment of the Earthian Femdom regime, they had completed reeducation. The Earthian women completely lost the concept of the equality of sexes. They began to see the males as  kinds of lower animals.
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Femdom Empire 385 Princess Nika's new lick slave

2013-07-21 Sun 22:36
Two waiting maids, who managed private slave stable of Imperial Princess Nika, brought a newly trained lick-slave to that Princess.

After the waiting maids had returned to stable, Princess Nika let the new slave lick her pussy immediately.
"This is an extreme excellent slave I hardly ever had. It knows how to work with its tongue. The maids must be rewarded."
In the heavenly orgasm, she thought in her mind.
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Femdom Empire 384 Revenge to POWs

2013-07-20 Sat 06:38
The population of Earthian male prisoner of war in concentration camps on the Earth raised drastically at the last phase of resistance to the Moman Army and Female Liberation Front (FLF). Many Earthian Women volunteered to the FLF members and worked at concentration camps. They did many evil and brutal things to revenge to the Males.
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Femdom Empire 383 cigarette torture

2013-07-18 Thu 22:50
00_20130718224931.jpg"Ah! Please stop it, Mistress! It's hurting me. Please stop, Mistress!"
Slave begged for his mistress's   mercy.
Mistress turned to wry face. "You can speak only you were spoken to!" 
She rubbed out her cigarette on the slave's balls. He moaned from agony.
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Femdom Empire 382 sentence of death

2013-07-18 Thu 19:31
You leaked cock milk into my beautiful pussy last night without my permission. It deserves the death penalty, so I execute you from now. I have decided it. Begging for your life is useless.
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Femdom Empire 381 first greeting

2013-07-15 Mon 20:37
Mistress showed her voluptuous arse to a new comer slave boy.
"Greet me properly with your tongue, slave. Show me how dirty slut boy you are!" 
She ordered  to him imperiously. 
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Femdom Empire 380 selecting a slave to fuck

2013-07-15 Mon 20:03
tumblr_mpujmyt8bs1soexhro1_1280.jpgAt her mother's large slave stable, a young lady  got a slave to lick her shoe. She had just decided to fuck him tonight at this moment.
None of young ladies on the Mother Star could imagine spending a night without fucking any slaves.
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Femdom Empire 379 concentration camp on the Earth

2013-07-15 Mon 18:16
The Moman Army interned all of the Earthian male POWs to concentration camps on the Earth. To the POWs' dismay, in these facilities, many Earthian female officers had waited eagerly for their arrival and began to treat them cruelly. The officers forced the POWs to call them "Mistress”. They strictly prohibited the prisoners from cumming without permission. Male cum became one of the important export item from the Earth.
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Femdom Empire 378 eternal sisterfood

2013-07-14 Sun 23:29
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Femdom Empire 377 Madame Suze

2013-07-14 Sun 20:36
tumblr_mpx202u4zZ1srtxxao1_500.jpgAfter the Moman Invasion, wealthy ladies of the Earth emigrated to the Mother Star. Advanced femdom civilization of Moman had fascinated them. They soon absorbed elaborated technology and sensibility of femdom. Some of them became  prominent person of the Moman's fashionable society. Madame Suze, an Earthian Lady, who had a talent of a genius sadistic dominatrix, became one of Imperial Princess's close friends and obtained latent power in the Imperial Court. Later, the women of the entire Empire admired her extreme wickedness and brutality.
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Femdom Empire 376 dog training for retaliation

2013-07-14 Sun 19:35
tumblr_mpuksh87UW1soexhro1_1280.jpgAfter the Moman Invasion, many Earthian women sold their husband to the Aliens. Some of the Earthian women kept their ex-husband in their hand to retaliate. This Earthian Lady trained mercilessly her ex-husband to make him a dog until his murderous death.
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Femdom Empire 375 passengers’ pastime

2013-07-14 Sun 17:52
Flogging was a pleasurable pastime for the passengers of the long distance space cruising. Only few passengers used big-cocked sex-slaves because they were too expensive to break. Instead, they used the cheapest small-cocked slaves for flogging.
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Femdom Empire 374 sucking for life

2013-07-11 Thu 21:44
tumblr_mpefin0v931sye4a2o1_500.jpgIf you could let this sissy cum in five minutes, I will murder this sissy tonight. If you fail it, I will murder you. If you wanted to live, you'd better fuck him well. On your marks, get set, go!
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Femdom Empire 373 the easiest battlefield

2013-07-11 Thu 19:45
1_20130711194334.jpgFor Moman female warriors, the Earth was one of the easiest battlefields in this galaxy. The level of the Earthian warfare was so primitive, with the result that even at the frontlines, they could enjoy enslaving fresh males and fuck them as they want. Because this wonderful fact, many Moman pirates and private slave huntress rushed to the Earth.
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Femdom Empire 372 sex toy as a communication tool

2013-07-11 Thu 16:44
Couple of lesbian girls loved each other.
It is the common way to use a human sextoy for the Moman girls to express their love to the other.
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