For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 442 two alternatives for a hubby

2013-10-29 Tue 02:58
tumblr_mpx5dg7vqu1sqgtzuo1_500.jpgHubby, I have been selected candidacy for the Queen of our country by the Moman Army. I must show my own sadistic nature by torture my male relative in the sight of the female Generals of Momans. I want to become Queen of this land and want to reign it harshly. So, hubby, I must torture you to realize you my dream. If you love me, you will become your lovers victim. If you don't love me, you will deserve the death penalty. Which do you like better between two alternatives? 


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Femdom Empire 441 ponyboy

2013-10-29 Tue 00:31
tumblr_mucpkdifxt1s9z1x7o1_500.jpgNow, I allow you to walk. Crawl on all fours and come nearer to me. I want to ride you, ponyboy. 
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Femdom Empire 440 no way out

2013-10-28 Mon 23:27
Inside houses, women tortured their slaves.

Outside their houses, they also tortured their slaves.
In fact, there are no way for males to escape after the Invasion.
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Femdom Empire 439 raping a virgin slut boy

2013-10-28 Mon 22:38
I will fuck you when this cigarette finished.
I will crush you under my pussy. Both of your cock and mouth will be fucked my beautiful pussy. Enjoy your losing your virginity, slut boy.

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Femdom Empire 438 castration for pleasure

2013-10-20 Sun 22:46
Bad slaves were to receive horrible punishment; castration. For women, castration was a pleasurable pastime for themselves. Many slaveowners castrated their slaves only to satisfy their sadistic instinct.
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Femdom Empire 437 real hell on Earth

2013-10-08 Tue 01:09
After the Great Invasion from Mother Star, many Earthian women converted to the Faith of Female Superiority. Gentle and modest housewives transformed themselves into strict and cruel dominatrices. All households changed into the real hell on Earth to the male slaves.
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Femdom Empire 436 special reward

2013-10-03 Thu 23:32
Come here, bitch. I will give you a special reward to you. Open your mouth and poke your tongue into my yummy pussy.
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Femdom Empire 435 face sitting

2013-10-03 Thu 22:19
After a severe cock torture session, Dominatrix stood over her slave's face.
'Your nasty behavior made my pussy wet. You must be clean it now.'
She lowered her pussy upon his face and began to fuck his lips with her pussy lips.
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Femdom Empire 434 zipping up

2013-10-03 Thu 00:07
Zipping up her leather corset, Mistress Vixen felt comfort and self confidence. She looked down her slave through between her tits and said sternly.

Close your eyes, slave!
I never gave you permission you to see my beautiful leather clad boobs. It deserves punishment.

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