For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 459 threatening a lickslave

2013-11-25 Mon 21:19
tumblr_l9xtwtsd6e1qam7oyo1_500.jpgSlave, greet and worship my beautiful pussy with your mouth.
If you couldn't make me satisfied, you must groan under my lovely bullwhip.
If you wish to escape it, you must do your best.
Do it now, slave.


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Femdom Empire 458 terribly sinful crime

2013-11-25 Mon 18:13
I had never given you any permission to cum. But you have leaked your smelly cock milk onto my room floor. You did terribly sinful crime. It deserves punishment. Slave, I must some surgical treatment on your cock as your shameful crime.
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Femdom Empire 457 at a slave shop

2013-11-25 Mon 00:35
At a slave shop on the Mother Star, Lady Zezula, a wealthy landlady, scrutinized some virgin slave boys enthusiastically. The slave boys, who were recently imported from a distant planet, which called Earth, were not cheap. Like everybody, she didn't want to buy sour lemons.
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Femdom Empire 456 strict order

2013-11-23 Sat 18:07
If you could make me reach orgasm in three minutes with your mouth, I will give you permission to wank watching me. If you couldn't do so, I will castrate you. Let's roll, slave.
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Fendom Empire 455 feasting a friend

2013-11-22 Fri 02:16
tumblr_mwjb29udkV1t27xuho1_1280.jpgTo Feast a friend with a slave's tongue was the common habit among the Ladies of the Empire.
Unquestionably, knowing sexual preference and G spots of each other was a useful way to understand each other.
Slave's tears, sweat and blood were the most nutritive things for female friendship from of old.
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Femdom Empire 454 tragic fate of the Earthian males

2013-11-21 Thu 23:14
tumblr_mme4j24AGn1s96cnmo1_500 (1) tumblr_mme4j24AGn1s96cnmo1_500.gif
Earth was famous for the large number of male slaves to the whole of the Empire. From the Mother Star and her sister stars, many ladies visited Earth only to fuck fresh slaves. Many Earthian males suffered tremendously agony and sorrow from alien and local female sadists. Most of The Earthian males was fucked, tortured and slain by females only to fulfil female evil desire.
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Femdom Empire 453 sweet present from Mistress Kathy

2013-11-11 Mon 23:29
kathy_12_O (42)"Lick my sweet spit from the floor!"
Trampling her slave's head onto the floor  with her booted heels, Mistress Kathy commanded on him harshly.
"You received my present from me directly. You must think that you are very lucky slave, and you must appreciate me, mustn't you?" 
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Femdom Empire 452 punishment

2013-11-11 Mon 21:17
"Grovel! "
Pointing a spot on the floor with her riding-crop, my wife commanded me in a harsh tone. And she trampled on my head with her boot heel.
"Your nasty dad's readiness is completed, sweetie." My wife purred to my daughter.

"Get ready, dad. Mom and me had never given you permission to erection and ejaculation last night. But you got an orgasm and stained our floor. Not to say, you deserve punishment." Drawing her whip through her hands, my daughter said to me in a low voice.
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Femdom Empire 451 sweet reward

2013-11-10 Sun 03:10
8896541.jpgSlave, if you succeed to suck his cock milk in three minutes, I allow you to cum. If you cannot achieve it, your chastity will prolong for a month. If you want to taste a dreamy orgasm, suck his cock lewdly. 
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Femdom Empire 450 strong belief

2013-11-10 Sun 01:16
Whipping fatally a slave was a wonderful leisure for ladies of the Empire. Many male slaves were to fate to suffer only for their absolute dominant ladies. Women of the Empire had the strong belief that the whole universe was created to entertain themselves.
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Femdom Empire 449 Young slave trainers

2013-11-08 Fri 03:57
tumblr_mvw69qjqZk1r9c99bo1_1280.jpgFor young Moman slave trainers, arriving of new slave from colonial planets is an exciting occasion. They can see a lot of slaves and their cocks. Not only that, they can pick up some slaves and fuck them freely. To spend a good evening, they inspected slaves' body eagerly. 
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Femdom Empire 448 a condemnation of a galley slave

2013-11-08 Fri 03:42
"Slave, you become horny by seeing me. Your smelly half-skinned and little-erected cock is a dead giveaway. It deserves severe punishment. When your turn is over, I will give you some discipline. Expect it, slave. "

A young female passenger on the galley spat at the slave's face.

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Femdom Empire 447 genuine relation between the sexes

2013-11-08 Fri 02:39
Punishment is the best way to let males slaves to realize their genuine status.
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Femdom Empire 446 ball kicking

2013-11-04 Mon 08:53
tumblr_mvdw8l16t81re05q8o1_400.gifBall kicking is one of popular sports among the ladies of the Empire. Hitting at a victim's fatal spot and knocking out him with a couple of kicks, Mistress Cybil Troy yelled for her extreme pleasure.
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Femdom Empire 445 freedom from fear of unexpected conception

2013-11-04 Mon 07:29
2057387885.jpgBy the criminal code, illegal ejaculation into woman's body was strictly prohibited to the slaves. In such cases, death penalty applied to offenders without exception. Thanks for this law, women could enjoy fucking erected cock without any worries for unexpected conception.
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Femdom Empire 444 all girls love sexslaves than their real brothers

2013-11-04 Mon 01:51
After the Invasion of Momans, many Earthian young girls trained their brothers eagerly. If they succeeded to sell their brothers at a high price, they could purchase their favorite slaves and fuck them. All girls love to fuck beautiful sexslaves.
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Femdom Empire 443 annual remunerartion

2013-11-04 Mon 00:20
According to Moman Imperial Code, slave owners had an obligation to remunerate for their slaves at least once in a year. It was quite natural that the exclusive right of deciding the amount of remuneration belonged to Dominatrices. This dominatrix paid her sex slave just one minute nipple pinching and permission of ejaculation as her slave's annual remuneration. Her benevolence deeply moved the slave.
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