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Femdom Empire 493 in rural manor

2014-01-30 Thu 07:44
Training of new slaves was important work of the Moman ladies.
Sometimes, a herd of virgin slave boys arrived from colonial stars.
Wearing her favorite leather dress, this landlady inspected their naked bodies strictly.
Raping a virgin boy was one of the most exciting occasion for her in the peaceful rural manor on the Mother Star.


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Femdom Empire 492 exception

2014-01-29 Wed 05:31
tumblr_mu9alhVwC01ra163eo1_400.gifLadies should behave benevolent and merciful to the other females and animals. 
The only creature is the male slaves, which ladies allowed to treat cruelly.
Many male slaves moaned  for severe torment only for the ladies's sadistic amusement.
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Femdom Empire 491 slaves as consumption article

2014-01-29 Wed 03:37
Cock torturing was one of common leisure of the Moman noble ladies.
Many Moman ladies enjoyed humiliating and spoiling of their slaves only for their sadistic instinct.
They usually thought cheap average sized cock slaves as consumption articles like facial tissues or sanitary pads.
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Femdom Empire 490 the most effective tool

2014-01-28 Tue 18:25
tumblr_mz2xu1ODDf1sc9p91o1_500.gifPunishment of disobedient slaves  is an important duty of responsible mistresses.
Needless to say, to tame stupid male slaves, the most effective tool  is the fear of pain.
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Femdom Empire 489 choosing a victim

2014-01-28 Tue 16:46
I choose you. Follow me.
You will spend my torture chamber tonight.
If you want to survive, you must obey all of my order from now.
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Femdom Empire 488 masturbation as traditional art

2014-01-27 Mon 10:59
tumblr_mzi7bjE6tZ1sxaj36o1_250.gifMasturbating was the one of traditional arts of the Moman ladies.
To whole of the Empire, self fucking movies of the noblest ladies  aired constantly.
From these movies, ladies of the whole Empire could learn brand new and vogue way to reach their orgasms from the noblest Momans.
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Femdom Empire 487 the reason of terror

2014-01-27 Mon 01:02
tumblr_myjerh2Pfm1rpzvp7o1_1280.jpgThere are various ways to execute slaves.
One of the most cruel way is death by whipping.
It costs a long time to complete the procedure.
It means the executioners will get plenty of pleasure, and the victims moan in the tremendous agony.  

That is why he terrified the executioners' approach. 
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Femdom Empire 486 selfish order

2014-01-27 Mon 00:03
tumblr_mz4d2telk41r7jbmzo1_500.jpg Insert your cock to my pussy and rub my G spot with your cockhead, slut.
Oh, yes, you've reached there. Strike there more and stick my pussy wall.
I order you to make me cum.  Never drop your cum inside me.
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Femdom Empire 485 slave transforming

2014-01-26 Sun 21:44
Please give me a chance to treat this bitch.
I will transform this bitch to more useful big cock slut by injecting silicone and cock massaging in a few months.
The procedure needs some roughness, so please give me permission to leave some welts and scars on his body.

Dr. Ezada Sinn, a famous veterinarian, said to her client confidently.

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Femdom Empire 484 death sentence

2014-01-23 Thu 08:49
I heard you had tried to escape from here, slave.
You ignored my rule. It should deserve to your death.
I will enjoy your punishment until you beg your death with your mouth.
Isn't it fantastic, slave?

Tapping her short riding crop on her hand, Dominatrix said sternly.
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