For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 528 joy of absolute authority

2014-03-30 Sun 16:48
tumblr_mpx202u4zZ1srtxxao1_1280.jpgTo inspect newly purchased sex slaves  was one of the exciting occasions for the most of Moman ladies.
Staring down the colors of the eyes of horrified virgin slave boy, the lady displayed her arrogance and enjoyed the sense of absolute authority.


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Femdom Empire 527 pleasure of execution

2014-03-30 Sun 11:06
Execution of useless slaves was a popular pastime for Moman Ladies.
Plenty of slaves suffered tremendous agony only for the pleasure of sadistic ladies.
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Femdom Empire 526 transferring a slave

2014-03-18 Tue 16:08
'Greet politely your new dominatrix , slave.'
Saying so, slave trader forced her slave to lick his new owner's boot.
According to the custom of Momans, at just this moment, the ownership of this slave had handed to the new owner.
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Femdom Empire 525 pleasure of cruising

2014-03-08 Sat 08:36
Cruising subtropical sea was one of the most popular leisure for long vacation of Moman Ladies.
They wore gorgeous ornaments made from precious stones and gold and chatted pleasantly with friends.

Contrary to them, boarding on cruising ship was a tremendous agony to the male slaves.
To avoid unforseen accident at the ship's side, female passengers allowed to excrete on the deck as they want.
Many slaves forced to keep clean the floor of the deck endlessly.
Genuinely sadistic and merciless female crues and passengers were enjoyed there severe harassment with evil plots to the male slaves.
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Femdom Empire 524 last comversation of a couple

2014-03-07 Fri 05:16
Hubby, I have good news to you.
The general, who had fucked you last night, has been charmed by you.
She said she wanted you, so I decide to sell you to her.
She proposed high price for you, so I can buy more good looking, bigger cock slave than you.
Don't you think it is nice for both of us?
As a token of my best wishes, I give you my used soaked panties. Open your mouth.

It is hurting me, mistress!
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Femdom Empire 523 erection without permission

2014-03-06 Thu 07:09
0_20140306210825e18.jpgHey you!
You stole a glance at me, and you became horny.
Your smelly precum is forming a thread and dropping down to the floor.
It's a terrible crime of you to a noble lady like me.

What a disgusting slave you are!
Come to my cabin, I will teach you how to behave in front of a lady like me.
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Femdom Empire 522 order after whipping

2014-03-06 Thu 03:48
After a fierce whipping, Lady Samantha ordered to her victimized slave boy.

'Because of your lewd screams, my sweet pussy juice drenched my inner thighs.
Wipe all of my pussy juice from there with your tongue, slave.'
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Femdom Empire 521 slave must reap what he had sown

2014-03-05 Wed 04:26
20140302150142aae.jpgSlave, inner side of my panties got wet because of you.
It's your fault. Put my panties off with your teeth and suck all of my pussyjuice from them.
Here you go!
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Femdom Empire 520 Space galley

2014-03-05 Wed 02:12
In a cabin of a space galley, Moman ladies made love each other. Space travel in Moman era was confortable and full of luxurious amusements for ladies from Mother Star and other planets.
On the deck and hold of the space galley, hundreds of male slaves was forced hard labor. Heavy labor itself make them tremendously tired. In addition, female passengers often tortured the slaves for their whim. Approaching sounds of boot heels clicking on the wood floor horrified male slaves.
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Femdom Empire 519 necessary component of evening party

2014-03-04 Tue 06:28
Blow job show was a common entertainment at parties of the Moman Ladies.
Ladies always enjoyed betting the time which the cock slave to cum.
After the blow job betting, ladies enjoyed punishing slaves who caused their dominatrices' lost.
Shows, bettings and punishments were the necessary components of traditional Moman evening parties.
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Femdom Empire 518 additonal punishment

2014-03-03 Mon 05:22
tumblr_n1i5vwPO5d1tscca5o1_500.jpgYour nasty screams made me so horny.
Look, my nipples erected as hard as steel.
This is your fault.
You deserve additional punishment.
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Femdom Empire 517 time to serve

2014-03-03 Mon 02:11
Now, it's your time to serve me, sissy slut.
Open your mouth and drink my sweet pee.
Remember, if you fail to suck, you are to be punished.
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Fedmdom Empire 516 order for a sexslave

2014-03-01 Sat 10:00
I choose you, slave. Serve me in my bedroom.
Kneel down to the floor and follow me in all fours.
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