For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 535 enjoyable duty

2014-04-30 Wed 06:48
Training new virgin boys was enjoyable duty of Moman ladies.
From large herds of slaves, this lady finally found a favorite slave.
She ordered sternly the boy to get closer.
At this moment, an innocent and pure slave boy got to fated to taste living hell to her own evil pleasure.


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Femdom Empire 534 sweet reward

2014-04-16 Wed 07:06
0_2014041621054187f.jpg Taste well and swallow my sweet saliva, slave.
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Femdom Empire 533 at concentration camps

2014-04-16 Wed 05:47
After the Moman's Invasion, males who didn't accept the dogma of Female Superiority reeducated in concentration camps.
In concentration camps, Earthian and Moman women tortured such foolishly disobedient males.
For there were no regulation of brutality, women could fulfil their sadistic desire in many ways.
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Femdom Empire 532 new sex toy

2014-04-09 Wed 09:13
The young dominatrix couldn't stop giggling happily when she saw her new sex toy.
It looked very useful sex toy which could be enjoy in various ways.

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Femdom Empire 531 yummy juice

2014-04-09 Wed 03:50
Suck here and swallow my yummy juice, whore.
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Femdom Empire 530 Countess Bobbi

2014-04-06 Sun 13:46
tumblr_lxcbh9HHnx1qjuo72o1_1280.jpgCountess Bobbi punished her bitch, which made a mistake, with her dildo.
Through harsh punishment, the slave learned the fact that the hell has existed in the real world.
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Femdom Empire 529 crucial element

2014-04-06 Sun 10:28
At a brothel for the Moman officers, a Moman lady inspected cocks of sexslaves eagerly.
For having a good torture session, choosing a beautiful and huge cock was the crucial element.
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