For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 562 enthusiastic inspection

2015-03-05 Thu 06:09
Most of the Moman young girls like to go to brothel and fuck or torture male sluts.
Wearing glossy rubber student uniforms and gripping their favorite whips, two Moman girls began to appraise male sluts from tips of cockheads to tightness of assholes enthusiastically.
As they excited, their nipples poked harder against the smooth material of uniforms.


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Femdom Empire 561 Annual Reward

2015-03-04 Wed 09:35
tumblr_nkdye9XF611rz77ebo1_540.jpg  Slave, as an annual reward I give you  yummy pussy juice with my lovely dildo.
Appreciate to me properly and suck all of the juice.
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Femdom Empire 560 before punishment

2015-03-04 Wed 07:24
Did I permit you stain heel of my boot with your smelly precum?
Of course, I didn't.
But you dare do this silly thing.
It deserves punishment.
First of all, clean with your tongue, you disgusting slave!
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Femdom Empire 559 at a brothel

2015-03-03 Tue 10:31
0000_2015030400083717a.jpgAt a brothel, Mistress Bobbi, who managed this brothel, offered a slave to her guest, Countess Vanessa.
' I'm afraid that the size of this cock would discontent you. If you wait a few hours, longer and thicker one will be returned.' 
Mistress Bobbi said.

' Thanks. But I take this one. I don't mind the size of the cock. I just want to use this new whip to examine the quality. So please allow me to use that well-equipped chamber. '
Countess Vanessa said nonchalantly.
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Femdom Empire 558 reasonable tradition

2015-03-03 Tue 08:43
tumblr_nkn0lwcAV41r3r30ko1_540.jpg  Entertaining a guest with a tongue of a slave is one of the beautiful traditions of Moman society.
After the Invasion, Earthian women imported this tradition quickly because that was reasonable.
In fact, travels were always filled with exciting things and events.
Therefore, traveller's pussy always needs to clean when they arrive their destinations.
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Femdom Empire 557 crime and punishment

2015-03-03 Tue 07:52
tumblr_ne6sn79ll31thi48oo1_400.gifYou spilt your cock milk on the guests' dishes.
The guest had just rubbed your cock only ten minutes.
As you know, you embarrassed my guests as well as me.
My anger is growing beyond my usual threshold.
It deserves severe corporal punishment.

Now, I will torture you appropriately with a vogue costume and some new invented devices.
Wait here, you disgusting slut.

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Femdom Empire 556 artistic talent of a dominatrix

2015-03-03 Tue 06:46
Your cock is prettier than usual with red wax.
Thank me for my artistic talent.
And now, show me your gratitude by licking harder and deeper my beautiful pussy.
Do it now, slut.
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Femdom Empire 555 Mistress Akella and her slut

2015-03-02 Mon 11:41
0_201503030134306a6.jpgJust as I entered this room, you had erect instantly.
What a sensitive and dirty slut you are.

I will torture you from now.
If you could behave well, I would rape your cock with my pussy.
If you did something wrong, I would punish you until you regret that.
Behave well and make my day, slut.
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Fedmdom Empire 554 proof of a fact

2015-03-02 Mon 10:01
For many Moman ladies, tasting a new lick-slave is one of the enjoyable moment.
Contrary to uttering words, this lady got an orgasm from his well trained service.0000.gif
Her hard elecled nipples and the flood of her pussy juice and on his mask proved this fact evidently.
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