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Femdom Empire 565 sentencing

2015-05-29 Fri 18:17
tumblr_nowujeNI0t1thi48oo1_1280.jpg I heard you moaned my name when you came.
And I had never permitted to ejaculate at that time.
What a filthy slut boy you are!
You deserve punishment.
Kneel down on the floor!


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Femdom Empire 564 preparation of punishment

2015-05-28 Thu 20:13
Crawl on the floor!
Raise your dirty ass higher!
Say thank you to me and kiss my boot each stroke, you pathetic slut boi!
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Femdom Empire 563 young customer of a slave shop

2015-05-23 Sat 15:54
"The young Moman customer chose three of you at last from our catalogue.
She had broken her cock slave recently, so she wanted to buy a new one.
She wants to know your ability as cock slave.
Wank yourself in front of her and show her your real size and nasty nature!"
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