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Femdom Empire 569 entering a room

2015-06-16 Tue 23:21
00005.jpg'You are shivering.
Are you OK?
Don’t worry, slave.
I'm just want to chat with you a little bit intimately.'
With grabbing my neck firmly with her leather gloved right hand, Mistress said gently.
But I knew the fact that anyone who had entered this room had never returned from here.
And I knew how to read the name of it.
It was 'Execution Chamber'.

Behind us, the door slammed.


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Femdom Empire 568 trainer and virgin slut

2015-06-15 Mon 18:44
From now, you are my slut.
You have a lot of things that ordinary slut have to do.
I will train you until you acquire skills at an average level.
If you cannot reach there, you have to go to the cage of a lioness as a living feed.
First, worship me properly.
Show me how you adore me.
Fuck my beautiful glossy boots with your tongue passionately.
Do it now, slut.
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Femdom Empire 567 effect of envy

2015-06-15 Mon 06:56
000_201506152053564b2.jpg  It is undeniable fact that harsh and merciless punishment is the most effective tactics to control the slaves.
It is also true that to force to badly behaved slaves to see the scene in which you reward the other good-behaved slaves with your yummy pussy juice.
Envy to lucky slave motivates your slaves to behave well.
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Femdom Emppire 566 sudden awakening

2015-06-13 Sat 02:23
"Wake up, slut boy.”
With clattering iron bar of the cage, mistress barked at her slave loudly.
" My guests are waiting for you to fuck your ass.
Get out from there and kiss their boots."
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