For Establishing Female Dominating Society In The Future

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Femdom Empire 580 The Real Hell

2016-07-19 Tue 11:12
tumblr_o7l09l6xQN1ugovr5o1_500.jpgTorturing innocent slaves is a common pastime among Moman girls.
The insatiable cruelty of Moman girls causes many slaves' horrible agony.
Poor slaves will learn the Hell exist in reality.


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Femdom Empire 579 Joyful Order

2016-07-18 Mon 20:29
'Stick your tongue out!'
Bestriding on slave's face and fucking his mouth with her wet pussy,  Mistress ordered to her slave.
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Femdom Empire 578 nourishment for new pussycat

2016-07-15 Fri 05:25
'Take him to my interrogation room.'
General Kendra ordered her young cruel secretaries.
'I wanna try this virgin pussycat on him.
Male's sweat and blood are the best nourishment for new whips.'
Rubbing the whip with her fingers, General Kendra said.
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Femdom Empire 577 Good pets should get good feeds.

2016-07-13 Wed 09:28
When your dog made a good deed, you should reward them with your pussy juice.
It will make them more obedient to you.
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Femdom Empire 576 Joyful Order

2016-07-13 Wed 06:54
'Don't stop oinking, slut.'
Young dominatrix ordered to her slave harshly.
She loves to listen to her slave's desperate crying.
Rubbing her clit knowingly, she closed her eyes joyfully.

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