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Femdom Empire 582 conversion of sub-humans

2016-12-20 Tue 22:14
tumblr_nysp5hP8541rhup7qo1_400.gif  After the Invasion of Momans, most of Earthian Women gladly converted to Moman Female Supremacism.
Earthian Female authorities began to capture and torture old fashioned male egalitarians.
Earthian Males were forced to accept the status of sub-human slaves by harsh corporal tortures.
The righteous whiplashes of females were stronger than any males' absurd egalitarian beliefs.


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Femdom Empire 581 inspection of a new lick-slave

2016-12-18 Sun 19:54
mis.jpg'Get on your knees and open your mouth.
It’s the time to inspect your capacity of oral service.
Dig my sweet G-spot with your tongue.'
The young Moman dominatrix took off her panties' straps nonchalantly and exposed her slightly soaked pussy.
And she pressed it on the slave's lips.
'Dig in there and make me cum, slave.'
She ordered.
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